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Name: Cierra Ballinger
Age: 16
Date: April 25, 2012
Symptom: Asthma

Symptom Details: Asthma problems, pinched nerves

Duration: Many years

Previous Treatment & Results: Took inhaler, couldn't go anywhere without it. It was like a temporary cure.

Date Started & Results: January 2012, results started to show shortly after I started going to the chiropractor.

Comments: Now I don't need to use my inhaler at all.

Posted By: Cierra Ballinger

Name: Gloria Smith
Age: 59
Date: June 11, 2012
Symptom: Hip Pain

Symptom Details: hip pain, I also have a heart condition that keeps me tired and hard to breath.

Duration: one week-heart condition for 10 years

Previous Treatment & Results: no previous treatment for the hip. I do take medication to help with my water retention. My lungs get fluid and that makes it hard to breath. I also get heart palpitations that contribute to my tiredness.

Date Started & Results: I saw Dr. Chapman on April 2012. I no longer have hip pain and although I didn't come to see Dr. Chapman for my heart or lungs I have felt great and I have only had to take my medication 3 times since April. My energy level has been at a top high since seeing Dr. Chapman. My heart palpitation have stopped completely. I am still in awe!

Comments: I give God ALL the glory and I thank God for Dr. Chapman. Thank you for allowing the Lord to be Lord of your life and for allowing Him to use you for His glory.

Posted By: Gloria Smith

Name: Ella E.
Date: June 21, 2012
Symptom: Stage 4 Breast Cancer

Symptom Details: In May of 2011, my wife was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. It was aggressive and advanced and had spread to her lymph nodes, liver and the surface of the bones in her legs, arm and sternum.

Duration: May 2011---June 2012

Previous Treatment & Results:

Date Started & Results: January, 2010

Comments: Today we are in June of 2012 and her last 3 scans show NO CANCER in her body. We give credit to 3 things for her healing.
First, and foremost, is our Lord Jesus Christ. He still heals today!
Second, we had a good oncologist who was trained at MDA and there were several new chemo treatments available.
Finally, we brought Ella in for an adjustment every 2nd or 3rd week between chemo treatments. We believe Dr. Chapman was able to help focus on the affected areas and allow the body to pick up and heal as well. A winning combination!
Thank you, Robert, and God bless.

Posted By: Ella E.

Name: Ana Rodriguez
Age: 15
Date: July 12, 2012
Symptom: Chronic Back and Neck Pain

Symptom Details: Reoccurring severe back and neck pain

Duration: 4 years

Previous Treatment & Results: Pediatrician stated condition was due to possible scoliosis during last year's annual physical exam.

Date Started & Results: Started seeing Dr. Chapman third week in April of this year. Dr. Chapman confirmed that I did not have scoliosis but that my pain was due to poor posture and alignment issues.

Comments: When I started seeing Dr. Chapman, I would come in weekly for my adjustments, but now, I am able to come every other week without having to experience the constant pain that I felt previously. The pain that I felt before has diminished so much in such a short period of time. I am so happy that I was referred to Dr. Chapman. He is a true blessing!

Posted By: Ana Rodriguez

Name: Larry Forrester
Age: 73
Date: July 19, 2012
Symptom: Chronic Back Pain

Symptom Details: Chronic and debilitating lower back pain.

Duration: 25+ years

Previous Treatment & Results: Periodic chiropractic treatment reflecting temporary improvement.

Date Started & Results: November 29, 2011, with great results.

Comments: Having spent Thanksgiving of 2011, on my back with extreme lower back pain, I went to see Dr. Chapman after the enthusiastic endorsement of one of my son. By treating the core problem and not just the symptoms, Dr. Chapman has allowed the entire body an opportunity to heal. Now I am working and playing golf pain free. Definitely a 5 star and 2 thumbs up recommendation.

Posted By: Larry Forrester

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