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We brought Alex to Dr. Chapman and he no longer had ear infections and no surgery.

Alex G.

Holding Your Adjustment Tips

  • I’ve had two legends in our field tell me the same thing.  If you want better results, have your patients lay down for at least one hour after the adjustment.  This gives the body enough time to get used to the new position.  With time being a valuable asset, this is hard to do, but it works.

  • Everything you do affects your ability to hold a great adjustment.  The taller your habits the healthier your spine. Do all tasks taller; standing, sitting, walking, driving, exercising, sleeping, etc.  Subluxations shorten you.  Many patients in there twenties, thirties, forties, and up regain height they had previously lost before receiving chiropractic care. 

  • Eating mostly processed food stresses your body.  People who eat right meaning water, fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts respond beautifully to chiropractic care and dramatically hold their adjustments.  It seems that every condition improves when you feed the body well.

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